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When you see this seal, rest assured that the participating site has taken measures to protect your privacy. Each member is required to post a clearly-defined privacy policy that details their useage of information visitors may disclose.

The Privacy Seal is awarded to sites who demonstrate a willingness to adhere to the principles outlined below:

  • Implementation of a Privacy Policy - Sites must disclose to the public the information they collect and to whom it may be disclosed. Visitors must have the ability to either change or remove personal information at any time.
  • Notification of Changes - Each site pledges to inform you of any changes to their Privacy Policy and allow sufficient time for visitors to change or remove their personal information.
  • Data Security - Personal information must be collected and stored in a secure manner that protects the customer from ordinary hacker attacks.
  • No-Spam Policy - Member organizations have pledged not to provide your email address to any third-party source without first obtaining your permission.
  • Secure Server - Online purchases are conducted on a secure server and a protection policy against stolen cards or card numbers is in-effect.
siteGuardian approves websites who comply with the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) as outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium.

How does this Help You?

Websites that display our logos & seal must disclose their methods of data collection and privacy practices in an easy-to-find, straight forward statement. This will usually be found as a link, either textual or graphic.
Our seal should be visible near the top of the Privacy page. Authentication is instantly available by clicking on the seal. Authenticated sites provide the following details about your privacy:
  • What information they collect about you
  • How the information will be used
  • Who else may see your information
  • How long your information will be retained
  • Ability for you to update or remove personal information
  • Security policies that protects your information from misuse
  • Assurances that your email address will not be disclosed to any third party

What we do..

Sites awarded our seal have demonstrated the willingness to provide their customers with a friendly privacy policy that protects their personal information. We constantly monitor each member to help insure these standards are upheld. Here are just a few methods we employ to help insure privacy protection:
  • Site Review - Every applicant must have their site thoroughly reviewed before they are awarded our Privacy Seal. Sites are periodically visited afterward to monitor any possible changes in privacy practices.
  • Independent Audit - Sites are randomly audited by third-party consultants who provide personal information, then track its usage.
  • Consumer Reporting - Any person may lodge a complaint about a member site. If they are found in violation we will work with the customer to assist in a fair resolution.
Customers play a very important role in defending against privacy intrusion. We encourage you to file complaints should a member site violate their agreement.
When a legitimate complaint has been filed, we will work on your behalf to resolve the issue. Some possible remedies may include: immediate resolution of your complaint, monetary damages payable to affected individual(s), public posting of privacy violations, revocation of license, or referral to state and federal authorities.
Together we can make the Internet a safer by protecting your privacy.
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