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If you feel your privacy rights were violated from one of our member sites, we can help resolve your issue. Each member of our community has agreed to work with us to help resolve possible violations of trust. To handle your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible, please take the following action(s):
  • Contact the site in question - Each member site must have a clearly-defined Privacy Statement that outlines their specific use of your personal information. Contained within their Privacy Statement will be a contact email and/or telephone number for addressing Privacy issues. Either compose an email to the site directly or call their support number (if provided) as your first means of resolution. Almost ninety percent of all complaints are resolved by the sites themsleves in a timely manner.
  • File a Complaint - Should the member site not resolve your issue in a timely manner, then we will gladly look into any possible wrong-doings. Our complaint process is quick and simple. You will be notified by email whenever the status of your complaint changes. We charge a small fee ($1.50) to file the complaint which significantly reduces false claims that are usually perpetrated by minors. This insures that your complaint will be handled in a timely fashion.

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